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Home Automation

A home automation system does more than link each piece of your home technology togetheróit connects you with your home. Our home automation systems are engineered to make your life more enjoyable and convenient with the things you use every day.

Lighting for Every Occasion

Welcome to the next evolution of the lightswitch. With your custom Vantage lighting system you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Experience the convenience of custom lighting Ďscenesí to illuminate your home with the press of a button. Choose from custom keypads that are matched to your home decor. Or, control all of your lights with a wireless touchpanel or even your iPad. Lighting never looked this good.

Heat or Cool Your Home with Ease

Experience the ultimate comfort with a smarter way to heat and cool your home. With an AMX LCD touchscreen thermostat it is easier than ever to manage the temperature in your home. Also, keep climate-controlled areas like a wine cellar at the perfect temperature. The results are a more comforable home and reduced utility costs.

Control your Shades with the Push of a Button

With the press a button, your shades lift to let natural light in. For your media room, your shades can close automatically when you activate your theater, creating the best viewing conditions for your video display. Also, we can schedule your shades to open or close at certain times of the day, helping you keep your house cool. Don't worry about whether they will match your decor--we can help you find the right fabrics that fit your interior design.

Elegant Keypad or Touchpanel Control

Lightswitches? Thermostats? In-wall audio controls? Reduce the clutter on your wall with a single in-wall or wireless LCD touchpanel. With an intuitive, graphical interface control is effortless for you, your family, and your guests. The result: a clean, attractive way to control each of your home system elements.