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New demo theaters in AVC

New demo theaters in AVC

Over the past months, we had a lot of developments in our showroom, we have finished new dedicated home theater rooms with a set of latest and best AV technologies, some of it are in its first time being shown in Saudi Arabia.

One of the new main rooms has a very unique system, as it includes a UHD (called 4K) projector system from Sony, which allow you to have a great picture with the full real resolution - more than eight million pixels - as we have a special device provides high resolution 4k contents to clarify the picture quality.

In this room there are a 126 inch display screen from Screen Research, We have selected the best and the finest model with the curved design to make sure you will have a gorgeous experience.

The system does not stop at the image, but also the sound as it contains Dolby Atmos technology with nine speakers, 2 ceiling speakers in addition to the usual seven speakers and two subwoofers. All speakers from Martin Logan and works with Electrostatic technology.

The complete control of the entire theater including lighting by Lutron through advanced control system from Bitwise through the iPad screen, which includes more customizable options such as adding favorite channels and other interactive features.

The second room with a Full HD projector from Sony which gives you more than two million pixels, beside a wonderful 115 inch display screen from Screen Research.

In addition to the charming 7.2 sound system from Golden Ear, includes seven speakers and two subwoofers.

There is also the complete control system (sound, lighting, etc..) through iPad screen by Lutron and Bitwise systems.

We have try to cover all budgets and all solution in our new showrooms, so we have provided a new 5.1 system demo room with subwoofer and speakers from Golden Ear, with a Full HD projector from Sony and a 106 inch display screen from Adeo Screen. this mini system is controlled by RTI Universal Remote.

All home cinema chairs in our showrooms are from the American company Fortress Seating which is the number 1 in the US market for 2015 by 25%, a very well-known brand by high-quality manufacturing for custom home cinema chairs.

We still have a lot of new demo rooms will be ready to show up soon with a lot of new high-end and interesting technologies as always.

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Project Info

Category: Demo Theaters
Location: Our Showroom in Riyadh
Completion Date: September 2015

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